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KΑ201 Erasmus : Coordinators: Raising awareness of cultural identity of the Deaf through inclusion activities
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We are the Primary School of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Patras, Greece. Our school is in the town of Patras, the third biggest municipality and second biggest port of Greece.

We are planning in submitting a KA201 Erasmus program as coordinators.

Our cause, along with our students, is to discover their cultural history, to help them become aware of their identity, and bring them to contact deaf adults. Alongside this, we will create partnerships with schools of general education. Projects have been designed for these schools (theory and activities) aiming in making the educational community aware of human rights, encouraging respect in diversity and helping students of all environments develop empathetic skills. We want to enhance student participation in collaborative activities, activate creativity, self- sufficiency and engagement of all students, in the learning process. Learning processes that will take place in our school, as well as in other special education and general education schools that will connect to us, will help achieve our objectives.

Actions will be designed for the further society, in order to make deaf culture understandable, to make clear that their language identifies them as a particular cultural group.

We are looking for partners from General Education Schools, Special Schools for students with sensory disabilities (deafness, blindness) and other Schools that support students with sensory disabilities.


We would like our partners to come from the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, France, Israel, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Malta, Ireland

Contact e-mail: nikolopoulou3@yahoo.gr

Aggeliki Nikolopoulou

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Διεύθ: Διοδώρου 11, Μποζαΐτικα Πατρών

Τηλ./Fax: 2610 461.272

E-mail: mail@dim-ekv-patras.ach.sch.gr

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